Tua. Tua. Tua

Tualiki Ikihaa (Tua)

is a traditional Polynesian tattoo artist. Born on Tahiti, he already got in touch very early with numerous tribespecific tattoos and various styles of tattooing. Raised within this Tahitian culture and symbolism his interest in tattoos grew stronger and stronger. Finally, this led him to occupy himself more intensely with the art of display of different cultures, as for instance the culture of Samoa, Maori and the Polynesian and Marquesas Islands. Over the years Tualiki then learned how to tattoo the typical symbols of these diverse cultures. As he feels deeply bound to his roots in Polynesia,he likes to tattoo traditionally, but of course also mechanically. Therefore, every of his tattoos is a unique. He has already won several contests at many tattoo conventions.